The Bible of Blogs.

Cass from was kind enough to put together a detailed list of some of her favorite blogs that she follows that have inspired her, as well as to create awareness for the variety of both medical and mental health conditions that encompass the truth behind living with an invisible illness. I feel so lucky to belong to such a strong community filled with strength, honesty,and acceptance. . I can’t stress the importance of getting your story out there, not only to bring awareness to whatever condition or experience you are going through, especially for those who have an invisible illness.

Indisposed and Undiagnosed

The end of Mental Health Awareness Month is almost here, and so many of you have been asking me the question, “can you recommend a blog for me to follow for sufferers of…?”
So, this blog is all about my Bible Of Blogs for Sufferers of Mental, Chronic or Invisible Illnesses.

I encourage you to do the same,
as I am sure we have all come across different blogs that we favour.

In light of doing this, we will be:
– spreading awareness of our illnesses
– guiding new and old bloggers to the right people for help, guidance and understanding.
– uniting to help each other’s pages grow

I have spent a few days, in between illness, searching through all close-to-600 followers. I also had a Followers Malfunction, where WordPress told me I was not following anyone/then suddenly was following/then wasn’t again, so MY APOLOGIES for…

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