50 Posts


Can’t believe it’s been 50 Posts already.  I guess I had a lot to say and still do.  Thank you to everyone who has followed along and offered support, love,  and suggestions.  It really means a lot.

Still have plenty of ideas and thoughts running through my head,  but I figured this would be the perfect time to hear from you.

What more do you want to see?  What posts are your favorites?  Or your least favorites?  Any topics specifically that I can address or help out with?

Leave a comment or send me a message through my contact page.


3 thoughts on “50 Posts

  1. jcharnas says:

    Dear Warrior,
    Congratuations on your 50 posts. Your blog is beautiful, and I look forward to following it. I had an undiagnosed illness too, but 17 years. Eventually science caught up with me, and was able to be diagnosed. I wish this for you too. I’m particularly touched by your statement: I have no medical home. I know what that feels like, and it’s sad and frustrating. You may not have a home, but you are sick, so you have community. I’m trying to reach out to the community of bloggers who write about health and illness, so I hope to be part of that community. Take care and keep blogging.
    Joanna Charnas, Author: Living Well with Chronic Illness

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