Speak Up and Stay Alive: Discussion on Undiagnosed Patients

A look at the upcoming medical documentary – UNDIAGNOSED: Medical Refugees with Dr. Katia Moritz – Creator & Co-Director.

There is a hidden epidemic – millions of people living with perplexing illnesses that elude definition and treatment. Undiagnosed: Medical Refugees is a medical documentary about what it is like to exist in a constant state of unknown, struggling with undiagnosed illnesses and rare diseases, and existing as medical refugees in a modern health care system.

The film aspires to bring objectivity to this controversial and timely subject by interviewing doctors, medical administrators, and people, both children and adults, who have the misfortune of suffering without a diagnosis. Research and professional opinions combine with gripping stories into an incredible narrative that showcases the strength of the human spirit and the need for change in our medical system.



Reference: Speak Up and Stay Alive. (2014, February 25). Speak Up and Stay Alive Patient Safety RadiOh! with Dr. Katia Moritz. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwZon8YVepc

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