Childhood Abdominal Migraines

I recently got an opportunity to talk with a representative from the Diamond Headache Clinic and they have shared this awesome presentation on childhood migraines, including abdominal migraines that were actually one of the first diagnoses I considered when I first began looking for answers to explain some of the many gastrointestinal symptoms I had as a young child myself. I thought this presentation could be a really good resource to share here in case any of these symptoms can help anyone still looking for answers for their own symptoms.

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4 thoughts on “Childhood Abdominal Migraines

    • The Undiagnosed Warrior says:

      Thank you. It ended up not being abdominal migraines, although it was something we had considered. Found out my childhood (and adulthood) GI symptoms/pain were caused by Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome, along with the combination of Crohn’s disease, MCAD, EDS, SIBO, dysautonomia, and three other vascular compression syndromes later in life. However, abdominal migraines would gave explained a lot of my symptoms and they definitely can be both scary and painful – so sorry you had to deal with them yourself as a kid.

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